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Fence Information

Fences come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. But no matter the style or function, wood is usually the construction material of choice, and you can make no better choice that cedar.

Cedar should be your only choice when you consider its unbeatable quality, appearance and longevity. The natural oils in cedar help make the wood resistant to decay and insect attack, increasing its durability and weatherability without the use of chemical treatments.

It’s dimensionally stable – so there is minimal shrinkage; your fence will stay straight and sturdy. Above all, the wood has a beauty all its own with colors, grains,and textures unmatched by any other fencing material.

We do carry a warranty of 3 year on all our cedar fences and 1 year on gates.

If you are looking for something other than cedar, we also carry chain link and aluminum fencing for all your fencing needs.